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$190 Flat Attorney Fee - Uncontested Residential Eviction for Possession

Based upon Non-Payment of Rent.  Non-subsidy tenancy.  Attorney fee does not include costs.


The services included in this flat fee eviction are:

1. A single telephone consultation with the attorney,

2. A three-day notice template for your convenience,

3. The preparation and filing of:

a.  the complaint for eviction for possession,

b.  the civil cover sheet,

c.  a proposed summons,

d.  a non-military affidavit with your signature,

4. Providing the clerk-issued summons to a process server or the sheriff for service,

5. Filing of the affidavit of service, and, if the case remains uncontested

6. Preparation and filing of a motion for default and motion for final judgment, and

6. Preparation of a cover letter and proposed order and furnishing the same to the Court.


We are able to offer a flat fee for uncontested evictions because the work involved is predictable and a similar amount for many eviction lawsuits.  We keep our prices low by processing most evictions via online filing, email, and mail.  The majority of our eviction cases are uncontested; though, once in a while a tenant will try to fight it.  If your case becomes contested, the amount of work required increases and becomes unpredictable, therefore our current hourly rate will apply to all work performed once a case becomes contested.  However, don't worry, we've handled hundreds of cases and most contested cases can be resolved with less than one hour of additional work.  Your attorney will discuss the best resolution with you, if your case becomes contested.



Costs are the expenses necessary to process a lawsuit and primarily cover supplies, postage, and third-party payments.  


The Filing Fee ($190 including $5 e-portal fee) and Summons ($10) are the same for all evictions, set by the legislature, and collected by the Clerk of Court.


The cost for service of process varies by County.  Currently, our process server fees range from $35 to $55 per defendant.  


Postage and mailing fees also vary by County.  Clerk's in different counties have differing requirements as to what can be filed and issued online and what must be mailed to them via U.S. Mail.  To streamline the process, we charge either $25 or $35 per defendant for postage and mailing depending on the County.


$140+ Writ of Possession

A Writ of Possession may be necessary if your Tenant refuses to leave the property after the Court issues a final judgment in your favor.  If you know that your Tenant is not likely to move out on his or her own, we suggest purchasing the writ when you pay for the eviction to make the process more efficient.  Our fees for a writ of possession also vary by county, as some county clerks will issue them online and some require hard copies to be mailed to them for issuance.  The fee for a writ of possession starts at $140 including the $90 Sheriff fee.


Notices: 3-Day for Payment of Rent, 7-Day Cure Breach of Lease, Non-Renewal of Lease

We will provide you with a free template of our 3-day notice, which you are welcome to use and post yourself.  If you would like us to complete it for you, have you sign it , and have a process server post it, we can do that for as little as $100 when purchased with your eviction.


A Notice to Cure Breach of Lease and a Notice of Non-Renewal can be drafted and posted for you starting at $150, including the posting fee.


$200 Orange County Rush Service - Uncontested Evictions for Possession (Non-Payment)

We are located in Orange County, not too far from the Orange County Courthouse.  And, for an additional $200, we will personally deliver your certificate of mailing to the Clerk of Court and an attorney will attend a hearing to obtain your final judgment.  This can significantly decrease the duration of your lawsuit by as much as a week or two.


Additional Services

If you need extra help or services in regard to your eviction, beyond what is outlined above, the attorneys' hourly rate will apply.  For example, in person consultations to review the paperwork side-by-side and calls and emails in excess of what is included with the flat fee service are deemed extra help.  The flat attorney fee is deemed earned upon receipt and non-refundable. Please see your agreement for representation for more details.


Prices for other types of lawsuits vary; we would be happy to discuss your case with you and give you an estimated initial fee.  Evictions for issues other than non-payment of Rent start at a $250 attorney fee.  If you need to remove someone from your property who has not agreed to pay you rent, a relative or ex-girlfriend for example, we can help you with an unlawful detainer action for an initial fee starting at $500.  We can also help you with commercial / non-residential evictions.



From  filing to obtaining the final judgment, an eviction lawsuit can cost as little as $450.

Attorney Fee + Costs