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Get started with our web-form for a flat attorney fee of only $190*.  We offer our clients an inexpensive, simple, and quick process for eviction.  


Hire an attorney who will get it done right.  Evictions are a legal process that are not always simple.  An attorney will be there to help you with your legal questions, should things not go as planned.  Don’t hire a form preparer who may just end up referring you to an attorney later.


If you are having a problem with your tenant and are unsure of how to move forward, we will discuss your options with you and help you understand the course of action that best suits your needs.


We can immediately help you get started with the eviction process to get non-paying tenants out and get your property back quickly.


We are committed to providing you with affordable and effective means of resolving your legal issues and understanding your rights.


*See pricing