Lease Agreements

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A lease is a contract that forms the fundamental building blocks of a Landlord Tenant relationship. It sets out the expectations of the Landlord and Tenant, the duties of each, and their rights and responsibilities. Regardless of whether the property being rented is a single-family home, or a complex commercial site, it is important that a Landlord and Tenant have a written binding lease between them.

The law firm of Warren & Skaggs, PLLC has assisted Landlords in hundreds of evictions and legal actions throughout Florida gaining experience and insight in how to protect Landlords against non-paying and litigious tenants. The attorneys at Warren & Skaggs, PLLC have the experience and court room tested skills to represent the entire spectrum of landlords from single property investors to complex commercial retail outlets. That court room experience is invaluable in drafting legally binding leases that will stand up if challenged in court by a tenant. Give us a call to schedule your custom lease consultation, (407) 792-5659.

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