Residential Eviction for Possession

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Eviction for Possession

We offer discounted fees for evictions based upon non-payment of rent starting at $500, not including costs, for up to two hours of attorney services. 

Service Includes:

1. An initial consultation with an attorney experienced in eviction matters


2. Complaint for possession.
3. Certificate of Mailing
4. Summons
5. Non-Military Affidavit

If the litigation remains uncontested:

6. Clerk’s Default
7. Motion for Final Judgment and Proposed Judgment

Litigation Costs

Litigation costs are in addition to Attorney Fees and are the expenses necessary to process a lawsuit and primarily cover third-party fees, postage, and supplies. Costs vary by County.

-Filing Fee, including e-portal fee $190

-Summons per Tenant $10

-Service of Process per Tenant $35 – $70

-Postage and Copies per Tenant $25 – $35

Writ of Possession $175+ (some counties charge per tenant)

A Writ of Possession may be necessary if your Tenant refuses to leave the property after the Court issues a final judgment in your favor. It is the Landlord’s responsibility to determine if a writ of possession is necessary. The fee for a writ of possession may vary by county.

Contested Cases

The majority of our eviction cases are uncontested. However, a small percentage do become contested. If your case becomes contested, the amount of work required increases and becomes unpredictable, therefore a litigation deposit may be required and our current hourly rate will apply to all work performed once a case becomes contested. However, don’t worry, we’ve handled hundreds of cases and most contested cases can be resolved with one to two additional hours of work. Your attorney will discuss the best resolution with you, if your case becomes contested.

In Person Consultation

We are able to offer a discounted fee for uncontested evictions because the work involved is predictable and a similar amount for many eviction lawsuits. We keep our prices low by processing most evictions via online filing, email, and mail. If this is your first eviction or you need additional guidance with your case beyond the communication included with our low fee service, we provide in-person consultations by appointment starting at $350.00 for one hour.

Notices starting at $200

3-Day for Non-Payment of Rent, 7-Day Cure Breach of Lease, Non-Renewal of Lease

A properly completed notice is required before most eviction lawsuits can be filed. If you are unfamiliar with Florida’s notice requirements, we can draft and serve your notice for you. Depending on the complexity of the notice, most notices start at $200 and may be discounted if purchased with your eviction.

Additional Services

Prices for other types of lawsuits vary. We are a full service law firm; we would be happy to discuss your case with you and give you an estimated initial fee. We provide many services in addition to the services listed under our pricing and services link above, including code enforcement issues, HOA matters, and contract disputes.

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